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Welcome to the CRRCpro Gasoline Engine website!!

This website is established by the CRRCpro Group for the purpose of offering our gas model engines and serving the model aviation community. The CRRCpro engine line is specifically designed for model aircraft and is distributed worldwide.

The personnel at our factory are all experienced modelers that are familiar with the needs of every model pilot.
We work hard to bring you the lightest and most powerful model aircraft engines for the cost. We take pride in the extreme value we can deliver to all model aviation enthusiasts..

We don`t just produce the CRRCpro engine, we also design all our small engines and perform OEM service. At the same time we also display the manufacturing ability to develop products related to other areas of modeling in order to serve the entire RC community.

We hope our products deliver the value and 100% satisfaction that they were designed to do!